DIY: Bobble Blankie

After seeing Rachele of The Nearsighted Owl post photos of her Bobble stitch blanket on Instagram, I decided to take up crocheting and try my hand at it!! I have made 2 full designs with lots and lots of messy and incorrect bobbles, before Rachele posted her pattern! Thank goodness for that… I realized that I was supposed to be double crocheting 5 stitches in the SAME stitch. Whoopsie! But I restarted and now I know what I was doing wrong! haha. Here’s where I am now on my third go around:
AND I have a little helper!!

4 responses to “DIY: Bobble Blankie

  1. Now I really want to make a bobble blanket seeing both of your progress on Instagram. I have so many other projects on the go or in the pipeline. So many ideas and never enough time…

  2. Karen @ The Quiet Owl

    I saw her blanket too and fell in love! Don’t be discouraged if it takes you a few rows to get the hang of it. You’ll get there!

  3. The crochet in hand and cat on lap happens in this house too! šŸ™‚
    Lovely blanket btw, looking forward to seeing the finished product. As they say, third time’s the charm!

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