Awkward & Awesome Thursday

-Bickering with Mitch this weekend. Ugh. Sometimes we both just need to let stuff go. Ah well, it still didn’t ruin our fantastico weekend.
-My love of Strawberry Fanta. Seriously, they need Strawberry Fanta in more locations. I’m disappointed in Indiana’s lack of it.
-Franklin loving the freedom and puppy-friends at my parents house so much that he’s bummed out for the first 24 hours back home in our apartment. Poor Frankie!

-PICKED KYM UP FROM THE AIRPORT LAST NIGHT!?!?!?!?! Childhood friend coming to visit= <3. Kym is the best!!!
-The sky when it’s bright blue and powdered with beautiful, fluffy clouds.
-The amount of cleaning and organization that has taken place since we got back from Nashville! It’s so nice to have SPACE in our teeny apt! haha.
-THE GRAND OLE OPRY!!! Ohmygoodness. So beautiful, such a great experience, and Sara Evans has an incredible voice LIVE! =)

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