DIY: Framed Key

I saw this on Pinterest and thought it was super sweet! It’s to commemorate the first apartment Mitchel and I shared together! =)

-Foam Paintbrush
-Key from Previous Apt
-Book Page [I chose Hunger Games because Mitch & I read it together in that apartment. I’m a super sap!]
-Tacky Glue

The first step is to paint the key! Make sure to let it dry before the next step!
Then I took the Tacky Glue and my cut out page from The Hunger Games and glued the key to the center of the page!

Once dry, I put it in the frame from IKEA and hung it on my wall!! Super simple, but really sweet touch to the new abode!

3 responses to “DIY: Framed Key

  1. When I get some better paint colors, I’m going to do this!


  2. so sweet. I should do that for Tim and I’s first home.

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