Things I’m loving right now

I would love this doormat at our new place!! Perfect for fall!!

I think I may start falling in love with salt and pepper shakers, too! haha

Oh, foxes. I am so in love!!!

Ooooh la la!!

Glorious Laundry basket!!

6 responses to “Things I’m loving right now

  1. Karen @ The Quiet Owl

    That doormat is just too cute!

  2. awesome doormat! i want it!)) thanks for sharing

  3. Wow, love the doormat- totally need that at my house!

  4. Those are some super cute salt and pepper shakers πŸ™‚
    I have a small collection of those myself.( probably should get rid of a few, tehehe)
    Come visit my shop for affordable vintage clothing!!!!!

    Also come check out my music and artwork on my blog at

  5. i love the soft dress that is all flirty and fun. For some reason, I’m not attracted to anything too structured. πŸ™‚

  6. That doormat is to die for!

    Love it!


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