DIY: Owl Plush

Ohmy… I seem to have made a delectable little owl stuffed animal. Hrmm, I’d better post this D-I-Y made on a whim on my bloggity blog!! So here it is…

-Owl design [toooootally optional and feel free to use mine, but I’m an artiste so I made one. haha]
Two sheets of the dark brown
One sheet of the light light brown
Less than one orange, black, white, and yeller [aka: yellow]
– Four [or more] different bits of Fabric quarters [or scrap fabric, really]
-Sewing machine was helpful, but optional
-Rotary cutter or scissors
-Paper in the shape of a small-ish circle to help w the feathers!

Okay, First thing’s first [naturally]… Cut a town of circles out of the fabric swatches, cut out your owl shape on the brown felt times 2, your eye pieces [yellow, white, and black], the light brown ‘wings’, and a cute orange triangle for the beak!

NEXT, I used my rotary cutter and cut those circles in half for the feathers.

Then, I took the beautiful feathers and started sewing them in semi-straight and structured lines on the front of one of the brown owl body pieces!

After that I grabbed my light brown wings and sewed them on over top of my ‘feathers’! I even decided to give my wiley owl some eyes and a beak!

The last step was putting my finished front piece face down onto the second brown owl body piece and sew them together, leaving a small space to flip my owl inside out and stuff! AND VOILA!!!

I am a certified plushie designer!! Look at those eyes!?! =) She’s a dreamy girl!

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