National Boyfriend Week: My Nomination

This week is “National Boyfriend Week”. When Mitchel informed me of this momentous occassion, my natural response was to scrunch up my face and say “Every week is boyfriend week.” hahaha. BUT, I’ve had a change of heart… and I’d like to NOMINATE MITCHEL.

He is kind and loving.
He is attentive and yet respectful of my me-time.
He understands me and loves me in spite of [or maybe because of] all of my flaws.
He is a super dapper gent and lets me ooh and aah over Christopher Eccleston [Doctor Nine] without ever getting piffed!
He adores our fur-babies… all 3 cats & the Frankmeister!!!
Even though he can drive me crazy, I’d still rather fight with his silly face than anyone else’s.
Also, he is very nice to look at, and that doesn’t hurt one bit!
And he wrote me a lovely poem. It’s my favorite piece of poetry I’ve ever read. =) (and not just because it’s about our love and mushy gushy!)

Mitchel, you are all the stars in the sky and every sunrise and sunset. You are my bestest best friend [right up there with mom, you cool cat] and I lurve you and all that junk! 😉 Happy national kiss your boyfriend’s bum week.

When is National Girlfriend’s week again? Next week, you say?

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