DIY: Hurricane Popcorn

A food D-I-Y? Don’t mind if I do…
I’m not going to lie to you and say that EVERYONE will absolutely adore this style of popcorn treat, but it’s one I grew up eating in Hawaii & one I still love to this day: Hurricane Popcorn!

-Furikake [little seaweed flakes seasoned; usually found at any asian market]
-Arare [There are so many names for Arare, but you know it when ya see it!]
-Some butter or oils
-OR, if you’re one of the lucky ones, you can find one of these Hurricane popcorn packets out and about!

First step is to make that popcorn! Air poppers are a personal fave of mine!

Next, post-buttering your popcorn up, you add the deLISH furikake… it’s scary looking, but trust me… it’s the best!

And then douse that sucker in some Arare for a bit of CRUNCH!

Now it’s time to enjoy the perfect Hurricane of taste, flavor, and crunch in your popcorn! Be sure not to over-indulge! I always end up being a little piggie and eating a TON and giving myself a belly ache. haha. Soooo worth it! 😉

Nom nom nom nom nom!

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