The Day of the Locust: A Review


The Day of the Locust by Nathanael West is a novel about Hollywood and it’s corrupting touch on the lives of those in the far reaches of the film industry.

The novel focuses on Tod Hackett and his extreme lust for Faye Greener. He seems to hang on her every notion and constantly befriends her other suitors to gain further access to Faye. She declines his advances in the way a messy teenager would [which makes sense because she is one] and continues to use and abuse the suitors who are completely enamored with her.

With many twists and turns, this novel is almost a slap in the face to American culture at that time, especially Hollywood with it’s love of false glamour and it’s obsession with vanity.

Although the characters were, at times, completely unbearable to me, I still found the novel to be a quick read. It kept me interested through the end, which is a rare find.

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