Awkward & Awesome Thursday

oh deerAwkward:
-That Rudolph tries to cover his beautiful glowing nose with snow [above. haha!]
-Feeling so sick that I could burst into tears at work.
-Going to the doctor and finding out that I have THREE, count ’em three, separate infections at once.
-And did I mention that the doc said it’d be 10-12 days of recovery from the infections?! Ugh.

-Crafting while bedridden. I actually got a lot done as far as Christmas gifts go!
-Hot tea. Loads and loads of hot tea for my strep throat!
-My fur babies! They’ve taken it upon themselves to cuddle this illness out of me! Such angels!
-Christmas is SO CLOSE! I can practically taste it, you guys!!! =)

2 responses to “Awkward & Awesome Thursday

  1. wow i hope you get better soon. that really sucks.

  2. aww poor you, hope better soon. xxxx

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