DIY: Cabinet Wrapping

12 days of christmas craftingOn the first day of Christmas DIY we bring you…. CABINET WRAPPING! It may sound super simple, but it can really transform your kitchen in a few simple steps!

DSC_1692Step 1: Buy some really cute [and hopefully not too glittery] wrapping paper! I  chose this really cute Reindeer brown-paper wrapping from Target. It was classy and understated and Christmas-y.

DSC_1693Step 2: Get to wrapping! I’m not going to draw it out for you guys, just wrap your cabinets. As few or as many as you choose! Our kitchen is teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeny, so I made do with the few cabinets we do have. We also hung some lights around the cabinets!

DSC_1691And you’re done!!!! I thought we’d start off simple with our 12 days of Christmas crafting!

DSC_1695Enjoy your work! We put on a Christmas record and our silly Christmas hats and really enjoyed each other! =)  [Also, no makeup, so excuse the mess haha]

2 responses to “DIY: Cabinet Wrapping

  1. That is so creative! Perfect for a party.

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