DIY: Noel sign

12 days of christmas craftingDay Three has arrived and we’re going to make a NOEL sign to hang or prop up in our homes!

DSC_1730 Step 1: Gather supplies. You will need: Wooden letters, wooden sign [both from Michael’s], wood glue or epoxy, paint, paintbrush, glitter.

DSC_1755Step 2: Paint your wooden letters! I painted mine white because I thought it made them look snowy and festive!

DSC_1753Step 3: Break out the glitter! I used a white, snow-like glitter and just sprinkled it on all the letters while the paint was still wet!

DSC_1756 Step 4: While your letters are drying, paint your wooden plaque. I was in a polka dot mood, so that’s where my mind went!

DSC_1757 DSC_1758Step 5: Break out the glue or epoxy, put it on the back of your letters and place them on the plaque! Let your masterpiece dry and put it somewhere in your home where you can show off your crafty goodness!

VOILA! Three Christmas crafts down!

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