DIY: Snow Globe

12 days of christmas craftingDay Six… we’re going to make some beautifully handcrafted Snow globes!

DSC_1712 Step 1: Gather supplies! You will need: a mason jar [or two or three], distilled water, glycerin, glitter, epoxy, and some decorations for the inside of your snow globe!

DSC_1713 DSC_1716 Step 2: Take the lid off your mason jar and sand down the inside of it so that your decorations inside the  snow globe will stick to the lid.

DSC_1720 DSC_1718 Step 3: Grab your epoxy and spread some on your lid!

DSC_1724 Step 4: Stick your decorations to the epoxy and let it set.

DSC_1729 Step 5: Place a mixture of mostly distilled water and glitter, with a bit of Glycerin, in your mason jar. Honestly, the amount of Glycerin you put in the jar depends on you. Mitch put much more in his because he wanted his glitter to fall pretty slowly. It’s all personal preference here, kiddos!

DSC_1728Now you have some personalized snow globes!! Mitch’s is the one with the dinosaur in it. I’m very jealous of how well his turned out! C’est la vie, I suppose!

6 responses to “DIY: Snow Globe

  1. the dinosaur! haha! i love these!

  2. Love this! This is such a great series- well done you! 🙂

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