DIY: Christmas Bulb Wreath

12 days of christmas craftingIt’s day 6 of our 12 days of Christmas Crafting! Half way there, folks. It’s kind of bittersweet, isn’t it? This DIY is close to my heart. Mainly because I’ve been admiring these wreaths for so long and I finally got my stuff together and got crafty with it [Yup, a reference to gettin’ jiggy with it! Na na na na na na NA!]DSC_1733DSC_1745 First thing’s first! STEP ONE: Gather your supplies! You will need: a styrofoam wreath, some plastic Christmas bulbs [bc they’re cheaper haha], hot glue gun with glue sticks, a fun wire garland, and a bow to top it all off!

DSC_1746 Step Two: Just start glueing everywhere!! I did them all together, though I’ve seen people start in three clumps and then fill it in from there! I just preferred to fill in the holes as I went around! I also tried to vary the colors, so it wasn’t TOO matchy patchy. Really, this is all up to your disgression, but PLEASE be careful with your glue gun! Don’t burn yourself!

DSC_1748 DSC_1749 Step Three: I wrapped the wire garland around my wreath, leaving just enough at the end to tie a loop [for hanging the wreath]! I added the bow to the front, attaching it to the wire garland and VOILA!!


Here is the masterpiece on my front door! I love it so much! It makes me smile everytime I walk by it! So much cooler than the ones at Menards or Target! =)

5 responses to “DIY: Christmas Bulb Wreath

  1. That is a great tutorial! I posted a link to it on my blog…..thanks for sharing 🙂

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