DIY: Homemade Stockings

12 days of christmas crafting3 more days left of Christmas Crafting… and today’s one is a pretty big one: HOMEMADE STOCKINGS! I’m going to show off Mitchel’s because it’s much more original than my Christmas stocking. haha.

DSC_1802 Step One: Gather your supplies: 1/4 yard of your base fabric, 6 inches of the flap fabric, a rotary cutter, a self-healing mat, and a bit of ribbon. Cut out a stencil for the “foot” of the stocking and the flap.

DSC_1803 DSC_1804 DSC_1805 Step Two: Cut out the feet and the flap. Make sure when you cut out the feet you cut one pointing left and one point right. Otherwise you will have to redo one side. haha.

DSC_1806 Step Three: Sew the flap and stocking together. I did this by sewing the white fuzzy flap on what will eventually be the inside of  the stocking. That way I could fold it over afterwards.

Step Four: Put the two outer sides of the stocking facing each other and sew them together. Flip right side out…. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand

DSC_1807VOILA!!!!!  =) Completed “bear stocking”!!!

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