DIY: Glitter Reindeer

12 days of christmas craftingOn the 12th Day of Christmas Crafting my true love gave to me… some gliiiiiitter and a reindeer head paper cutout. That sounded a lot more morbid typed out. =P

DSC_1838Anywhoooo, I found this beautiful DIY on Daisy Dreaming’s blog!

DSC_1826Step One: Gather your crafting supplies: Some deliciously sinful glitter [still all over my carpet from the 12 days of crafting], a canvas, tacky glue, a printout of this deer head, and scissors.

DSC_1827Step Two: Print and Cut out Deer Head Silhouette. Trace over the cutout with pencil.

DSC_1828Step Three: Carefully use your tacky glue to outline and fill in the deer silhouette!

DSC_1829Step Four: GLITTER!!!!!!

DSC_1831 DSC_1841 Step Five: Let settle and enjoy your beautiful Christmas creation and the end of the 12 Days of Christmas Crafting!!

DSC_1837 I hope you all had as much fun with the 12 Days of Christmas Crafting as I did! It forced me to get off my bum and get creative in this sometimes consumerism-driven holiday season! =)

Merry Christmas Eve, my loves!

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