Awkward & Awesome Thursday

sock kitty

-Coughing all the live long day.
-Falling asleep in my car after driving to work. I’ve been pushing my body to the max with workouts and being sick, I couldn’t take it yesterday morning, I guess. Closed my eyes a second and fell asleep for 30 minutes.
-No. Caffeine. No coffee for over a week now. WHAT AM I DOING TO MY BODY?! haha. I know it’s good, but oh my… do I miss my Vanilla Mocha!

-Getting packages in the mail… I got my new Christmas TOMS and some other goodies, including old books from Amazon. I love the used books section of Amazon!
-Feeling healthier and happier working out and getting in shape.
-Noticing my body change RIGHT AWAY from working out. Not a lot of weight loss, but there’s definitely a change.
-Anytime I get to spend with the lovely Emily and her hubby Tim! Mitch and I always have a great time with them and Emily is just a light-up-the-world kind of person. I always feel much more at ease when she’s around.

3 responses to “Awkward & Awesome Thursday

  1. Packages in the mail are the best things ever!

    Meanwhile, way to go on being healthier! Just be careful with the over-working out! It’ll weaken your immune system, so be sure to rest up. You’re body will thank you.

    OMG, I sound like a mother. I must be getting old. Bleh.


  2. What a sweet view! Is that your little animal?

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