Awkward & Awesome Thursday

owl herd

Oh, where do I start?

-Having dreams that continue the stories told in Battlestar Gallactica. They’re so vivid that I almost have to check in with Mitch to make sure they were just dreams! I’m Sarah and I care about tv show characters.
-Working out HARD at the gym, only to realize that the lady working casually next to me has burnt more calories. Ugh!
-The back and forth weather of winter here in the midwest… sometimes it feels like winter, sometimes it feels like spring. Always a surprise!

-I’ve been having SUCH a blast working out with the boyfriend creature. We’ve really gotten it into our routine and it’s a fun activity that’s bringing us closer together.
-Dying my hair back to RED again!!! =) I really enjoy my Kari Byron hair.
-3 Days weekends to celebrate MLK, Jr. Day. Love that extra time to spend at home with the furbabies & Mitch!

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