Awkward & Awesome Thursday


-Eating almost all of my daily calories before dinner. Salad it is!
-Meetings at work where you have to tell someone that they’re not doing what you need them to do. So much anxiety from those types of meetings.
-Having to get my doctor to forward my prescriptions to the right pharmacy. AGAIN. Every damned time I go to my doc they send the meds to the wrong place. SO FRUSTRATING.
-Ripping my new sweater the very first day I wear it. Sadface…

-My Neighbor Totoro!! So adorable… I really have a newfound love for Studio Ghibli films! ❤
-Cuddly Franklin on the weekends. He just wants to nap with me all weekend and I’m okay with it.
-Reading 3 books at one time. I have a book at work, a book at home, and a book Mitch & I are reading together. I love books.
-Working out and losing some weight. It’s coming in small doses, but I’m doing it the healthy way!

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