Awkward & Awesome Thursday

hug plane

-Snow & Ice stuck all over my vehicle in the morning. Getting stuck in the parking lot of our apartment, where I might add that everyone else got out of with ease. Oh, my…
-Feeling like my novel reviews on the blog are poorly written Book Reports. Remember those?
-Legs being sore DAYS after the gym. We need to start going regularly again… it hurts too much to work out intermittently.

-Stuff like the above image make me think I should be watching 30 Rock on Netflix. =)
-Starbucks on cold, cold mornings.
-Audiobooks on my drive in to work and home from work. That’s almost 2 hours of driving a day and now I get to actually be productive and enjoy my time in the vehicle. I’m “reading” The French Lietenant’s Woman by John Fowles. I love John Fowles, he’s an excellent writer. Check it out if you’re looking for an interesting novel!
-Finished Scoop [the Evelyn Waugh novel]! A review is on your way tomorrow!

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