Strange Dreams

Rupert GrintI had the STRANGEST dream last night involving Rupert Grint [ZOMG over this photo. haha]. He was on tour with Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson for Harry Potter. In my dream they were performing it live on stage.

Totally random, but instead of having an actual tour bus that drove them around, they had a rickety old van that they were driving around the country in and they just so happened to stop at a roadside diner/cafe that my mom, brother Johnny, and I were at.

He walked past and Johnny was all excited about seeing him in person. Anywho, he came over to talk to us after Johnny said hi and was all personable and friendly. I woke up today wishing that I could have an actual conversation with him about acting [instead of the imaginary one we had in my dream].

I think this must mean I miss acting. Oh, sigh.

One response to “Strange Dreams

  1. Strange dreams.. if only the good ones were real!

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