The Summerhouse: A Review

the summer house

The Summerhouse by Jude Deveraux was suggested to me by a co-worker who knows I love to read. It is not my standard type of selection in novels, but I found it intriguing nonetheless. It was a much lighter read that the novels I’m reading on the Modern Library’s Top 100 Novels List.

This book follows three women in the telling of their past and the possible re-telling of their future. The women: Ellie, Leslie, and Madison, all meet at the New York DMV on their shared 21st birthday. They share their dreams, pasts, and talents with one another before parting ways. They haven’t spoken for 19 years, until Ellie is undergoing such a traumatic affair that her psychiatrist suggests a trip to her summer house in Maine for Ellie to invite her girlfriends to, but Ellie can think of noone to invite but her two DMV friends.

The three women have all been through a lot in the throes of life and come together in the Summer House to unwind and tell their life stories to one another. They also have a chance encounter with Madame Zoya that literally changes them forever. Sounds hokey, I know.

Not usually my type of novel, but the writing was enjoyable. I would suggest this book to lovers of romance novels, think The Time Traveler’s Wife or anything Nicholas Sparks.

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