Awkward & Awesome Thursday

-My dentist appt yesterday where they found ANOTHER cavity and proceeded to tell me that braces really weakened my teeth and made them much more susceptible to cavities. =( Bummer.
-Not working out for the second week in a row. I WILL NOT LOSE WEIGHT SITTING ON MY BUM AND READING. As much as I wish I could.

-My parents cat Yellow cuddled right next to my face while I napped last weekend. I got to use him for a pillow. And let me tell you… cat pillows are the best. They’re warm and the purring is soothing.
-Going through books like it’s my job. I’ve really enjoyed reading so much lately!
-My little work plant that my coworker Laura got me. =) It’s a cute Butterfly Bush… in the making. It’s still in seed form, but I’ll share it’s growth in 2 weeks!

One response to “Awkward & Awesome Thursday

  1. i really need to get back to reading a lot. i will work on that today cause i’m sick. sorry about your teeth 😦

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