The French Lieutenant’s Woman: A Review


The French Lieutenant’s Woman by John Fowles really blew me away! John Fowles has been a long-time favorite of mine ever since I read The Magus, which is on the Modern Library list that I’m working through. The French Lieutenant’s Woman was an entirely new mind-blowing novel in and of itself.

It’s protagonist, Charles Smithson is a Victorian gentleman who is on a self journey [unbeknownst to himself]. Upon meeting Miss Sarah Woodruff, his entire world turns upside down. Although he is engaged to be married to the demure and innocent Ernestina, he finds himself entranced by Sarah and her oddities.

Without giving much away, suffice it to say that this novel stands on it’s own as one of my most favorite reads. I would read it again immediately if I did not have stacks upon stacks of new novels to peruse. Definitely something I would suggest to all. Fowles’ writing conventions truly draw the reader in and give you an entirely new storyarc and character-view than can be found in novels elsewhere.

Bravo and 110% from Sarah.

3 responses to “The French Lieutenant’s Woman: A Review

  1. wow. that sounds a like a great historical fiction! maybe I’ll check it out

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