Book Reviews


booksWhat a dream it would be to be able to review books every day of the week!

It’s so odd to think this, let alone write this down for all the world [i.e., my 5 readers]. I did not truly know until a little while ago what I wanted to do with my life. When I was a young college graduate, I wanted to be an actress in a television sitcom. That was the dream.

Now my dream has shifted. Grown with my age and likes/dislikes, my love and happiness growing and shaping differently as my preferences evolve.

country daysI can think of nothing more lovely than reviewing books for all the days of my life. I may not be able to write extremely well. I may not be able to act extremely well. But I can read like a pro; read like it’s my job.

And so that’s me. That’s me now. At 26 years old. Working during the day as a technical writer, wishing I could write more often and read all day every day.

One response to “Book Reviews

  1. I understand your passion. Keep reading and writing, you’re living your dream, aside from your day job, and that’s what matters. More power to you Sarah.

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