Awkward & Awesome Thursday


-The bruise that formed after I had about 3 little vials of blood drawn for my blood test.
-How extremely fatigued I’ve been ALL THE TIME lately. I really can hardly stay awake at times & the weakness has been overtaking me.
-My doctor switched my meds to Prozac,which focuses more on my OCD and less on my anxiety. This is good, except for the fact that I’ve been taking it at night [as my previous meds really made me pass out] and it’s been wiring me out. I’ve got to switch and take it in the morning!

-Finally finding out why I’ve been so weak and ill all the time. I am officially anemic (if the above bruise didn’t give me away). I am iron deficient in my diet and now I need to take a daily iron supplement.
-Free books from Goodreads giveaways. They are seriously piling up!!
-Coming in early to work and getting to leave early in the afternoon. Working 6am to 2:30pm is pretty fantastical.

3 responses to “Awkward & Awesome Thursday

  1. That looks rough. I thought you were gonna say mono. I just got mono a couple of years ago and almost had to rest half way up a flight of 10 stairs.

    6-2:30 is the best, workout before anyone else wakes up and home in time to actually accomplish something.

  2. That looks bad, I hope it doen’t hurt much! Great that you can now take supplements though!

    And the Goodreads thing is great! I only recently signed up and started doing giveaways as well. No luck yet, but I’m very hopeful now I’m reading this:) Did you enjoy the books you received and read so far?

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