A Writer’s Query

How do I write? And what? And why?

These are all questions I pose to myself when I think about my future ambitions.

I want to write something. Okay, well what? I want to write something good. Helpful, self!

I have a few ideas in my head and they say to “write what you know,” but what do you write when you know very little? I kid, but seriously, what could I write about? I could dig into my past and write about what it’s like to cancel an engagement. That was pretty tough and I doubt there are many novels out there about that in particular.

I really want my novel to have a deeper meaning, though. To reach out to someone so fully that they laugh out loud or cry silently into their pillow while reading in bed. I have read a multitude of novels that have touched me so completely, why can’t I figure out the formula of the novel inside of me?

Is it crazy to say I don’t know what to write and yet there is a novel inside of me? It feels trapped within the confines of my chest cavity, buried deep and hidden. I have a story to tell… what in the world is it?! And how do I bring it to fruition?

I don’t even need it published… I just need it completed and out of my body.

haha. I do sound a bit mad, don’t I?

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