The Fountainhead: A Review


Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead was an enjoyable read!

I was mostly really impressed with Ayn Rand’s writing; the way it made everything seem simple and straight forward, but was really attending to deeper motives and musings regarding society.

It almost has a book within the book with it’s multitude of protagonists and antagonists, all struggling to be real in a world ruled by the superficial. Each character has been expertly crafted with realistic flaws and bad decision making skills. I feel as if every time I started to get close to a character, a giant looming flaw was presented to squash any good feelings I had toward them. Noone is safe from Rand’s scrutiny of the human condition and what drives us.

That being said, I think her agenda behind the book really holds up even today. People are still sacrificing their souls for a higher place in societal circles; trying to overshadow their ignorance with opinions. In a world where darkness is overwhelming, it is nice to see even a flawed character, such as Roark, stay true to who they are on the most basic & complex of levels.

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