Love Anthony: A Review

love anthony

This book. Wow. I happened upon this book through a goodreads giveaway… And just wow!!

Love Anthony by Lisa Genova is a heartfelt account of two women and Anthony, a boy with autism. This is a story about love, faith, loss, and autism.

I found myself enthralled with the novel and it’s characters woes and heartbreak. The novel focuses on giving a voice to Anthony, who is unable to speak. It was especially touching to me, as I have a loved one, Kristen, with Cerebral Palsy and I found myself being soothed by the thoughts given to this young boy who is unable to speak them aloud to his family. I almost felt as if some of it were Kristen speaking to me through the novel, as if some cosmic force allowed this novel to get through to me, and thus allowed Kristen to communicate with me.

This novel is incredibly touching and really informative regarding autism. Ashamedly, I did not know much about autism before reading Love Anthony, but the novel really opened my eyes to the struggles mothers of autistic children face on a daily basis.

I absolutely suggest this novel to anyone and everyone with an open heart! =)

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