Comic Books Make the World Go ‘Round


Borrowed these two comic book trades from my Uncle Dana and let me tell you… the New 52 of Teen Titans is SO AWESOME!!! I love it. And Wolverine, can you ever go wrong with Wolverine? Looking forward to the new Wolverine movie for sure!

5 responses to “Comic Books Make the World Go ‘Round

  1. I can’t wait for Wolverine to come out! This year and movies is so good

    Rhiannon x

  2. must read!!!!

  3. I gave up on the Teen Titans, but the first half (before The Culling) is amazing! Tim Drake is one of my favourite characters ever :). Do you read other new 52 titles?

    • YES! I am a Green Lantern fan girl… so I read all of those: Green Lantern Corps, Green Lantern New Guardians, Green Lantern, etc. I also read Aquaman! Aside from those my subscriptions are also for Avengers vs. X-men, Avengers, All-New X-Men, aaaand a few more! =) What about you?

      • Oh cool! well I’m pretty much into Young Avengers & Hawkeye at the moment (I’m a kate Bishop fangirl haha), and into “indie” stuff like Saga, Fatale & East of West…all from Image comics!

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