An Abundance of Katherines: A Review

an abundance of katherines

An Abundance of Katherines by John Green is just plain fun to read!

John Green does a great job with his characters and drawing a reader into the novel; Colin, a child prodigy now in his teens, could easily have been a stuck-up smartie pants unable to be truly accepted and understood by readers.

The novel follows Colin at the end of his relationship with the 19th Katherine he’s ever dated. Uninspired and struggling, Colin’s best friend Hassan suggests a road trip and the boys set off. They end up in Gutshot, Tennessee at the Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s burial site and the story really takes off from there.

Using his experience with Katherines, Colin is attempting to write a theorum to predict the length of any relationship! With a comedic best friend and a new friend & coworker Lindsey, Colin sets off on healing his broken heart.

This was an endearing YA novel that really had me laughing and smiling along the whole way through. I’m looking forward to reading more John Green. I would definitely suggest this book to others!

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