Scarlet (Lunar Chronicles, #2): A Review

ScarletI adore the Lunar Chronicles!! So much so that I already dread it’s ending and there are two books YET TO BE WRITTEN.

Marissa Meyer captured me with Cinder (my review here) and Scarlet definitely shows her growth as an author. It’s less predictable than Cinder and the character development and twists had me on the edge of my seat!

Scarlet is the classic story of Red Riding Hood only NOT AT ALL the classic story. It follows Scarlet Benoit a simple farm-girl who works selling the produce from her grandmother’s farm to local vendors in Rieux, France. With her grandmother’s recent disappearance, Scarlet is on a mission to go where the local authorities will not. The authorities believe her grandmother ran away, but Scarlet knows this cannot be true.  She happens upon a shy and helpful street fighter named Wolf, who helps her on her journey to figure out where her grandmother was taken.
Scarlet’s story is interspersed with happenstances of Cinder’s escape from prison with fellow inmate “Captain” Carswell Thorne. We continue to find out more and more about Cinder Linh and her mysterious past as Princess Selene of Luna. While dodging Emperor Kai (of the Eastern Commenwealth) & Queen Levana (of Lunar), Cinder is on the search for answers from those involved in bringing her to safety on Earth years ago.
I am so glad that I happened upon the Lunar Chronicles. They’re excellently written and NEW. It’s rare to read a story that is entirely new nowadays and I had almost given up hope that we have new stories to be written.

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