Carousel Horse Tattoo

I got another fantastico tattoo… and this one’s a whopper! =) It’s definitely a big’un, without further ado… my new tat!

carousel horse tat 1

I got a carousel horse in honor of my Grandma Mason [my mom’s mother]. She got my brother and me an ornament for Christmas every year. Johnny’s were always teddy bears and mine were always carousel horses. I have been searching my entire adult life for carousel horse ornaments, but to no avail. When I first started getting tattoos, I knew this was one I’d really love. I didn’t expect it to be so huge, but I am beyond pleased with it!

outline tat done and doneMy artist is Colin McClain. He’s an incredible tattoo artist and I gave him artistic freedom with this tattoo… and he really knocked it out of the park, as always, I should note!

2 responses to “Carousel Horse Tattoo

  1. Karen @ TheQuietOwl

    It’s beautiful! The colors are just gorgeous!

  2. Wow…that is really pretty! I like that you had that one done in honor of your grandma. I’ve always wanted one, but I never have done it!

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