Awkward & Awesome Thursday

-An intensive 3 hour hike up and down mini-mountains [aka: hills] with Mitch & Travis on Sunday has left my legs unproductive with random muscle spasms. Oh, mini-mountains.
-Forgetting to eat lunch last Friday. Things can get busy at work & then I get caught up in my tasking and totally space everything else I need to do, as in – EATING!
-Mitchel had training this week in Illinois, meaning I was home alone for two nights this past week. Sadface. We skyped, though, and that makes everything better.

-Owls are so awesome, I can’t even stand it. I want a pet owl! And a pet fox, while we’re at it!
-Planning with one of my besties for her moving plans in the next year! Don’t want to spoil it, since it’s her news, but I am SUPER THRILLED!!
-The movie Man in the Moon… it’s about Andy Kaufmann. Excellent acting by all involved. =)

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