Happy Independence Day

lake day

Happy Independence Day, American readers, and happy 4th of July, citizens of the world. Today we celebrate the signing of our Declaration of Independence and our freedom. I know we’re not supposed to talk about it, but the NSA is really impeding on our freedoms and privacy as a nation. I’ll take today to celebrate the good ole’ U.S. of A. and focus on the rights we are fighting for today [and everyday].

Stay safe, everyone, and enjoy your time off with your families [if you have time off today]!

5 responses to “Happy Independence Day

  1. I am so glad at least one blogger actually said something about the whole NSA thing!
    I am definitely celebrating the good old USA, and today’s a really good reminder that we have to keep fighting for our rights just like they did in 1776.
    Have a great 4th! =)

    • RIGHT?! Why is noone talking about this. I understand that as bloggers we put ourselves out there and really let people in, but there’s a time and place. Each person should be allowed to choose what they want shared with others. It’s too much!

      Keep up the good fight!! =)

  2. Love the pic of the dog, very cute Sarah 🙂

  3. oh my gosh that picture!

  4. See if there are any celebrations in your community that are historical. There might be re-enactments to attend, or activities to participate in. You might even want to organize such an event yourself. In your own family, you can celebrate the history of Independence Day by having family members read sections of the Declaration of Independence aloud. Check your local library for books you can read aloud to your kids, or that older kids might enjoy reading themselves.

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