Old Yeller: A Review

Old Yeller

I have never watched the Disney film version of Old Yeller, but I knew the story arc well enough through word of mouth. I had no idea how well written Fred Gipson‘s novel would truly be.

I found myself enamored with Travis and his old yeller dog. Old Yeller saved everyone in the family’s lives in turn and sacrificed it all for his family. Aside from its touching portrayal of a boys love for his dog, Old Yeller is also a great piece of Wild West literature!

It was a quick read and I’m glad I read the novel before watching the film. Sad, but endearing, I think Old Yeller is a story most everyone can relate to!

2 responses to “Old Yeller: A Review

  1. I think the film version did justice to the book. I cried and cried.

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