The Invisible Man: A Review

The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man was my very first experience reading anything H.G. Wells has written. Wow. This shortish story was way ahead of it’s time, having been published in 1897 by the leading science fiction novelist of the time. It focused on an experiment gone awry whose reaction was to make the scientist invisible.

Being one of the most popular superhero powers, one would assume that being an invisible man would lend itself to all sorts of pleasantries, but they would be mistaken. Wells’ novel takes a defiant and mischevious turn as the invisible man stumbles through what it TRULY means to be invisible to prying eyes.

Wells’ observations about our own humanity, and what’s stopping us from terrible greed and vengeance, shines through in this dark novel of a man who has quite lost his mind in the act of becoming invisible, both literally and figuratively.

A quick read, rather fun, makes me want to read more of H.G. Wells… perhaps War of the Worlds will be next for me!

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