Looking for Alaska

looking for alaska

Oh, John Green, you marvelous, magnificent, magnanimous author, you! Looking for Alaska is my new favorite John Green novel! And that’s saying a lot because all of the Green novels that I have read have been INCREDIBLE!! =)

Green’s dialogue really reaches down into the nitty gritty, what I like to call… REALITY. He doesn’t write as if the speaker has impeccable English, this is a teenager utilizing teenage slangs and having teenage drives.

The story follows Miles “Pudge” Halter and his experience entering into “a Great Perhaps,” aka his new school Culver Creek Preparatory High School. Starting his Junior year away from home, living in the campus dorms, Miles is unsure of how the school year will turn out. He quickly befriends his roommate Chip “The Colonel” Martin and Chip’s friend Alaska Young [her REAL name]. Alaska is a completely neurotic, totally loveable southern belle with a penchant for rule-breaking and depression. Obviously, Miles falls undeniably in love with Alaska and drama/teenage life ensues.

I could not believe that John Green was still able to surprise me and grab me as a reader. He really does come up with new stories, making me feel guilty for my prior claim that authors are not writing any new stories. I would love to take an hour to just pick John Green’s creative little mind. =)

DEFINITELY something you should read. Right now. Yesterday! Get on it! No ifs, ands, or buts.

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