The Picture of Dorian Gray: A Review

the picture of dorian gray

The Picture of Dorian Gray is famed playwright Oscar Wilde’s only published novel and a gravely interesting one at that. A dark novel regarding man’s greedy and shallow desires.

Dorian Gray is a man obsessed with his own good-looking face and a picture of himself that an adoring friend created. So much so that he unwittingly sells his soul in a wish to remain as beautiful as the painting, while letting the painting take on his own deterioration.

With this lack of outer deterioration, Dorian finds himself growing darker from his lack of soul. He finds the painting growing more and more grotesque as the years progress. The painting has taken on his deeper, disturbing inner-self and he is disgusted by it.

Wilde’s novel really begs the question “What would a man do if it did not affect his outer-beauty?” and “How much are we putting into our outer beauty whilst neglecting the necessities of our inner-beauty?”

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