A Wind in the Door: A Review

a wind in the door

A Wind in the Door by Madeleine L’Engle is book 2 in the Time quintet [read my review on book 1: A Wrinkle in Time]. We’re back with Meg and her extraordinarily intelligent brother Charles Wallace in another adventure of epic proportions!

It all starts with a dragon sighting. How ridiculous to some, but not if you truly understand Charles Wallace and his inability to tell a lie. What could he possibly have seen in the field behind the twin’s vegetable garden?!

It turns out that Charles Wallace has glanced a cherubim who has come to help Blajeny [the Teacher in this quest], Meg, Charles Wallace, and Calvin. Meg’s former principal, Mr. Jenkins, whom she finds hard to relate to, ends up helping them on their journey to repair Charles Wallace and the things tearing him up from the inside.

The novel breaches some pretty tough realizations for children. The story mainly focuses on Meg’s own prejudices toward Mr. Jenkins and her struggle to surpass her previous judgement and find common ground with someone she previously found contemptable. It teaches children to accept those who are different and to truly grasp that there is good in everyone!

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