The First Wives Club: A Review

first wives

I loved the film The First Wives Club with Diane Keaton, Bette Midler, and Goldie Hawn, so naturally, like any good bookie I decided to check out the novel as well.

Boy, what a shocker! The novel by Olivia Goldsmith is a completely different beast! A way more in-depth view of the powerless feeling that can be accompanied with the heart-rendering loneliness of becoming a divorcee. All having been betrayed, broken, and let down by their respective spouses, three women band together for support and a common goal of letting their spouses feel what they felt upon being deserted.

It’s more than a revenge novel, though, it’s empowering to read about women not being afraid to be labeled as having a strong-personality, wanting things out of life, and wanting someone faithful to travel down the road with. If boys will be boys, this novel brings about the question “Then why can’t girls be ‘boys’, too?”

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