Awkward & Awesome Thursday

screen saverAwkward:
-The amount of pinning on Pinterest that I do from my bed on weekends.
-My newest obsession with Polar Pops from the gas station. What a trashy thing to be obsessed with, but 85 cents for a 32 oz. soda… I’m in!
-How many novels I’ve been reading each week! I’m really doing nothing else with my free time, but I’m enjoying myself, so that’s good, right?

-Dad being home!! I think we’re all on cloud 9 over here!
-My best friend Shelly-Anne getting engaged on the 21st! I haven’t mentioned it before, but she is the absolute BEST person I know. We’ve been friends since the 4th grade and I can’t imagine my life without her. I am so incredibly happy for her and Phil!
-Johnny [my brother] living in town now. I can actually go to lunch with him!! 🙂 Our lunches are my favorite!

2 responses to “Awkward & Awesome Thursday

  1. you can get up to 44 oz of soda for 85 cents. just saying.

    #notaddicted #nope #dietcokeforever

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