Treasure Island: A Review

Treasure Island

Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson is my father’s favorite novel from childhood. I have never really taken a grand interest in it and even tried to start it at one point in college, but never got farther than a chapter in. What a mistake it would have been had I assumed I knew the story and avoided reading it myself!

You think you know the story of Treasure Island, but if you have not read it yet, you know nothing.

The novel is about young Jim Hawkins and his run-in with an assortment of pirates, leading up to his discovery of treasure island. I think my favorite character is Long John Silver… the captain of the mutineers! Silver’s treachery and switching of loyalties is far beyond entertaining… and the way Stevenson writes his characters really draws you in. What incredible storytelling!

Treasure Island has definitely made it to my favorite books list! Worth checking out, even if you are a 20-something year old working in cube world. ESPECIALLY if you are a 20-something year old working in cube world!

3 responses to “Treasure Island: A Review

  1. Thanks for the review. Even as a boy I never got around to this one. My adventure were sci fi – not as well written usually, but spell-binding in their own way. Some I still read over even to the present day. Now I am motivated to go for pirates rather than aliens.
    For all readers everywhere, I never miss a chance to recommend Gilead by Marilyn Robinson and anything at all by Leif Enger. That last guy is a great storyteller also. Marilyn Robinson is such a good writer, that you don’t even care what she is writing about – she just carries you along. Or so I think.

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