Are You My Mother?: A Review

Are you my mother

Whew… if you’re looking for an introspective memoir, Alison Bechdel’s Are You My Mother? IS the book you’re looking for! What do I even write about such an in-depth memoir of Bechdel’s relationship with her mother? I will never do her writing justice!

Full of feminism, poetry, and plenty of Virginia Woolf allegories, Bechdel attempts to showcase the reality of her complex mother-daughter relationship, as well as her own romantic relationships. She made me want to read up on all of the novels she tore apart to explain her own thoughts and feelings! Upon reading her memoir, I began an introspective search through my own relationships, familial and otherwise.

As an avid reader, I am pretty rarely challenged by the writing styles and information in novels, but Alison Bechdel definitely challenged me to expand my thinking. Even if memoirs are not your thing, you should give Bechdel a chance. I’ll have to read Fun Home [her memoir of her relationship with her father]!

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