The Bell Jar: A Review

the bell jar

As someone with a minor in English and a penchant for writing, I am thoroughly ashamed of the fact that I have never read The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. Obviously, I have learned quite a bit about Plath and her bouts with depression and suicide attempts [and eventually successful suicide] and her poetry. Hauntingly beautiful poetry about the saddest feelings a human being can experience. I honestly assumed that The Bell Jar was a memoir, a non-fiction account of her own demons, but this is Plath’s one and only novel, fiction.

The novel follows Esther Greenwood’s decent from normality into a deep depression, much like Sylvia Plath herself. It sounds like an entirely too melancholy novel, but it really wasn’t. Esther is calm in her dismissal of the joyous happenstances of life and there is something admirable in her distaste for the small lives most people live. It’s not the way I feel about life, but is still an interesting portrayal.

3 responses to “The Bell Jar: A Review

  1. I read this book in college, so I can’t remember it in much detail. I found it rather devastating, not like The Road (Cormac McCarthy and the most relentlessly disturbing book I have ever read), but difficult for me to read. Plath is certainly one of my five all time favorite poets, though. You make me think I should go back and reread this book. I look forward to your next book choice.

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