Ready Player One: A Review

ready player one

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline is the quintessential nerd novel for our generation! Wade Watts is a typical nerdy kid in 2044’s technology obsessed world, where everyone lives the majority of their life in The Oasis; a virtual reality lifestyle for all. When the creator of The Oasis dies of old age without an heir, he leaves his company up for grabs for any game-obsessed “Easter Egg” hunter [aka: gunter] who can pass the three hidden gates successfully!

Without giving away the plot, I’d just like to say that Wade Watts ROCKS! He’s such a great hero-character to this video-game-and-80’s-trivia novel. I loved trying to guess the clues to the hidden gates and attempting to guess the plot. Cline kept me guessing until the end.

I absolutely LOVED this novel! Are you a nerd? READ THIS BOOK! Just saying. It was incredible. Definitely a top 5 in my own novel list!

One response to “Ready Player One: A Review

  1. I read this. . .last summer maybe and I LOVED it too!! I’ve been recommending it to anyone I can. 🙂

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