The Hitckhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: A Review


The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is one of those novels that I’ve been told to read since COLLEGE and had yet to pick up. After having read it, let me just say, THANK YOU, DOUGLAS ADAMS.

Witty, nerdy humor and the good sense to question what is openly accepted socially, Douglas Adams knows just how to keep this sci-fi geek entertained. Full of randomness and so much adventure I can hardly keep hold of my towel!

Arthur Dent is an Englishman just trying to save his house from destruction, unaware that it is hopeless, as the Earth will cease to exist in 5 minutes either way. Luckily for Arthur, he has befriended an unknown alien [and not the kind from another country] named Ford Prefect who has decided to save Arthur from the world’s end and take him on an off-planet adventure.

I feel like it’s safe to compare Hitchhiker’s Guide to Monty Python… both are adventures written with geeks in mind and make a point to razz on things we generally accept about social constructs.

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