Hello Kitty Must Die: A Review

hello kitty must die

I must admit, the title of this novel is what grabbed me. As a 20-something year old Hello Kitty lover, I thought this would be a humorous coming-of-age account of a young-ish asian lawyer. But Angela S. Choi had something much darker in store for the readers of Hello Kitty Must Die!

A darkly entertaining thriller, Hello Kitty Must Die follows the sickeningly unfeeling life of Fiona Yu, a Chinese-American trying to step out of the “Hello Kitty” ideal society has towards asian women. Fiona does so in the worst possible ways once she reconnects with her childhood friend Sean, a psychopathic murderer. Fiona herself begins to embrace her own off-kilter morals and beliefs and her questionable life choices.

This novel is somewhat disturbing. I don’t know that I’d say I loved it, but I definitely kept coming back to it and wanted to know what was going to happen next. Another dirty little secret… great writing, disturbing ideas.

2 responses to “Hello Kitty Must Die: A Review

  1. Do you own this one? I’d love to read it!

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