Awkward & Awesome Thursday

gummy bears

-How true the above quote is. haha. I may or may not be driven by food.
-Eating two donuts on Monday. That’s not smart. Very, very bad.
-All of the Hello Kitty things at my desk at work. Did I just turn 27? I think I diiiiiid…
-Finally growing my nails out long, like a real girl, and getting food stuck under my nails. Ugh. Being a girl is hard sometimes!

-Mitch’s nieces and sister get here for a visit this weekend!! We haven’t had a chance to even MEET Aleah yet and she turns one on Sept 11th! I can’t wait!!
-Getting a 3 day weekend. YESSSS, I’m so blessed!! I’m going to get some reading done and hang out with the nieces as much as I can!
-Going out on the boat last weekend. I went tubing and fishing with Johnny, Mitch, and Mitch’s brother Travis! It was the BEST! =)

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