Size 12 is Not Fat: A Review

size 12

There were many reasons I was drawn to Size 12 is Not Fat by Meg Cabot. The first draw is that I am in size 12 jeans nowadays myself! haha. And I do not think that size 12 is fat AT ALL. My second reason for being interested in this novel is Meg Cabot, she grew up in my home town and even went to my high school! Also, she wrote Princess Diaries, which I LOVED in high school!

Heather Wells is a former teenie bopper singer turned Dorm Resident Hall assistant director at NYU. Recently dumped & left homeless by her Easy-Street (re: boy band) ex-fiance. Being a dorm resident hall assistant director is anything but a calm desk job. Students have taken to elevator surfing and a tragic ending to a nerdy freshman’s life leads Heather to question what is really going on at NYU.

A thrilling murder mystery with a vivacious lead character, I thought the novel was fun… another dirty little secret. Not a classic, not life-changing, just a fun-to-read page turner!

7 responses to “Size 12 is Not Fat: A Review

  1. i’ve read most of this series and i love it!

  2. some of my favorites. I cannot wait for the next one to come out (and I so want to play Heather Wells in the movie if there ever was one!)

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