Choke: A Review


Another Chuck Palahniuk book so soon? I am drawn to this author, mostly because I cannot understand the supreme interest my generation has given to his novels, but I’m willing to figure it out! Choke had a different feel to it when compared to Fight Club (my review here).

Overly sexualized is a good way to describe this novel, whose main character is Victor Mancini, a sex addict focused mainly on his next score and taking care of his ailing mother. He goes to restaurants around town conning people into saving him from choking to death… creating heroes! Sounds messed up, right? Totally irredeemable? Until you learn he’s just trying to keep his mother in her retirement home.

Another novel with characters you don’t particularly love, but it’s almost as if I read it to watch the character’s demise, which is accurate for all of the Chuck Palahniuk novels I’ve read thus far. I don’t know that I’ll read any more of his novels, I feel like it’s more for shock value than actual writing. I like to read uplifting novels and his are just kind of a downer.


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